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Community Information

The City of Seward, “promotes genuine community spirit by providing friendly service to people who live, work and play in Seward” (City of Seward Mission Statement). Use the listed resources to take advantage of all the City and County have to offer and to explore Seward County communities.

Seward County Cities and Villages

Seward County Profile

Local Labor Study

In September of 2012, Seward County Economic Development Corporation contracted with the research team at Nebraska Public Power District to analyze labor market availability in the area. View the Seward Labor Study.

2010 Greater Lincoln Region Report

Seward County is a participating member of the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development: A nine county regional economic development group encompassing the southeast corner of Nebraska near Lincoln. In 2010 the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development and other regional partners contracted with Angelou Economics to conduct a study of the common and unique characteristics of the 12-county area, identifying the underlying economic factors that define it as potentially viable economic region.

The study identified:

  • A set of high-growth high-wage industry clusters that serve as “targets” for the region;
  • Occupations within these target industries that are not strongly concentrated in the region currently (as a means for focusing future workforce job training initiatives);
  • A series of challenges that the region will face in pursuing these industry opportunities and the pipeline of talent that supports them;
  • An initial strategy of opportunities as a foundation for the regional strategic plan.

View the 2010 Greater Lincoln Region Report.

Detailed Demographic Data

The Lincoln Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is comprised of Seward and Lancaster counties. The University of Nebraska-Bureau of Business Research, provides detailed demographic data on the Lincoln MSA on a semi-annual basis. This data is compiled in accordance with the recommended IEDC tables.

View the Detailed Lincoln Data report.